Own the NFT, make decisions for the character


Less than 1,000 unique characters existing as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Holders of the NFTs will make in-world decisions for their characters and then watch it play out in the story. Characters can have one or two magics from a total of twelve. The Waterwicks have just dropped with Set 1!

About the project:

This is not another 10,000 piece profile pic NFT set. This is something completely unique and different. Blue Cavern Citizens have 2 powerful uses:

1) The Character "Driver."

Holders will be able to make in-world decisions for their character at crucial moments in the story on a sliding scale-- the majority of characters will have some (tier 1) impact on the plot, but a few will make a meaningful impact (tier 3) on the direction of the story. This, effectively, gives the NFTs a second type of rarity (beyond the trait-based rarity you're familiar with).

2) Community membership.

Blue Cavern Citizens act as a membership card that will provide early access into future NFT drops and a planned community token. If a holder wants to hold the NFT but not have to think about making decisions for the character, they can do that! (Decisions will be made by the author if the owner wishes to abstain). The NFT has utility built for the long-term.


Owning an NFT of your favorite character in the Blue Cavern City universe is like owning a certificate of rights to the character. It's a public agreement on the blockchain that no one can dispute. The NFT is both a cool piece of art, AND that certificate. And if you own it, you can sell it and make a profit.

What the character chooses to do in certain situations in the story will be up to the owner of the NFT. This is a new type of novel. Something completely unique and innovative.